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Euro to US Dollar (EUR/USD)

Euro to US Dollar - Daily Chart

The EURUSD is the most widely traded currency pair across the FX world. Their respective economies are also the two largest in the world. Both the EUR and the USD are major global currency reserves. While both are influenced by central banks, the Eurozone does not have central control on fiscal policy across member states. Monetary policy divergence and geopolitics also provide volatility across the pairing. The EURUSD pair accounts for roughly 30% of total daily transaction volume in the FX market.

Latest EUR/USD Analysis

EURUSD Above 2019 High, Points Upward

The EURUSD pair is trading above the 2019 high with the 50 EMA continuing to separate from the 100 SMA. On the daily chart...

DXY Looks to Push Below 95

The US dollar has been weakening significantly over the past couple weeks. Today the DXY has fallen as far as 94.83 before recovering slightly....

EURUSD Daily FX Update JUL 13

EURUSD Daily FX Update for Monday, July 13, 2020. The United States continues to get hammered with exploding cases of the Coronavirus. The state...

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